Engineering recipes range from weapons to armor to vehicles. In order to engineer, you must be at one of three workshops. The small workshop is capable of constructing weapons and armor. The medium workshop is capable of constructing animates, Machines capable of moving and thinking when in the possesion of an essence, and all that the small workshop is capable of. The large workshop is capable of creating Vehicles, like the airship, and all that the medium workshop is capable of. Most Machines will require Metal, which is found commonly, and gears. Gears are classed into 3 categories, bronze gears, silver gears, gold gears. Each is more rare than the last, each is capable of better things than the last. For a full list of Blueprints, click here.


Alchemy recipes range from ammo coatings to makeshift medical supplies to temporary stat upgrades. Alchemy requires a alchemy workbench and some of the 3 Classes of herbs. Bronzebell, Silverleaf and Golden Samsam, Each more rare than the last, each more potent than the last. Alchemists Can make Ammo coatings, which are applied to ammo to give effects to ammo, such as fire, corruption, and cyanide. Alchemists also can create Makeshift medical supplies with a lower sucess rate than that of those found, but who frowns at a lil' more adrenaline? Being the amazing people that they are, alchemists can also transmute 3 of one thing into one of another by using an essence. So, for example, Jim is an alchemist and is holding 3 bronze gears and a animal essence, he expends all of those things to make a silver gear. For a full list of recipes, click here.