Zombies. The living dead, spawning from the demons and their corruption, zombies have one thing on their decrepit minds. Flesh. Zombies will try to Eat your flesh, often infecting you in the process.


Crazed deer, wolves with rabies, all these come under the umbrella of animals.


A faithful foxhound, a loyal rabit. These loyal companions will follow you everywhere, to the apex, and back.


Survivors, these people will often be wary, and may need to be handled delicately, however, there may be rewards for assisting them.


These people roam the wastes, stealing from and killing innocent folks, evil at heart, these cowards often roam in groups.


These people are fanatics for their cause, whether they be of the Twisted fate, worshiping the demons, or of the Lights Hope, Destroying demons with all thier heart.


Immensly powerful beings, capable of throwing people with the most steadfast mind into extreme disarray in the form of visions, these are creatures from the other side of the apex, they tore the hole, they brought the plague.